A Nutritionist Orders Postmates

For the very first time!

In a dream world we’d all prep perfectly balanced meals for the week every Sunday – but when life gets busy, sometimes we want to have an already-prepared-by-someone-else meal come to our front door (or office) at the click of a button.

If the scenario above sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Earlier this year, Postmates reported that they complete 2 million deliveries per month. (That’s more than 66,000 every day!) We asked registered dietitian, Alex Caspero, to come in and show us how she goes about ordering a healthy takeout meal. To make things extra special, Alex admitted she has never used Postmates before!

See her tips in the video below, or save the infographic that follows…

What She Ordered

Fresh tofu spring rolls, vegetable jungle curry and a side of brown rice from a Thai restaurant.

Why She Chose These Items

First, why Thai? Alex says she wanted to opt for a more exotic meal. “I don’t like paying for salads or sandwiches because those items are easy to make at home. When I want something a little more interesting, but still healthy, I choose Thai food.”

After selecting her restaurant, she opts for a nice, light appetizer. “I love these fresh spring rolls. They’re stuffed with vegetables, firm tofu and vermicelli noodles. In comparison to other options such as deep fried spring rolls or other fried appetizers, these are a much healthier option.”

For the main course, she chose a curry with vegetables that was free of coconut milk. “It’s not that coconut milk is necessarily unhealthy, but it does have a lot of calories and fat which isn’t what I was looking for in a quick light lunch.”

Next, Alex opted for a vegetable entree as she was already getting a protein serving in the tofu from her appetizer.  If you do want to add protein, she recommends calamari, shrimp or chicken as low-fat options. Finally, Alex selects brown rice over white rice as her side for added fiber and nutrients.

Take Alex’s Take-Out Tips To Go

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